Solar Return Reading

Birthdays are good for gifts and attention but did you know that in astrology, a birthday is also the start of our own personal new year? Thats right, your Solar Return Chart (which is your birthday chart) will show us the upcoming  themes set to arise for you during this next "trip around the sun".

Getting a Solar Return Reading before your actual birthday is the best, since we each have a "celebration moment" (based on the exact time that your Sun returns to the same degree and minute it was at during your birth) and if you know the timing of it you can create a sacred space and ritual in which to call in wealth, fortune and happiness over the year to come.

Location also plays a part in the themes of our Solar Return, so if you're planning to travel over your birthday, we can look at different location charts to help determine the most auspicious location in which to spend your birthday.

Never fear though- if you don't get in to do a reading before your birthday, getting a Solar Return Reading after your birthday will help give you clear guidance and wisdom for the year to come.  

This is a 75 minute reading via Zoom Video Conference (where we meet face to face), from the comfort of your own home! You will receive a packet via dropbox after your reading, that will contain the reading recording and copies of every chart and diagram we discuss during the reading. Investment is $190