Develop deep and lasting understanding of your family dynamics, both past and present, and learn how to create and nurture a strong, functional and peaceful home life.

Do you wish that you better understood the needs of your child(ren)?

Would you like to parent from a more conscious, and less reactive place?

Would you like to help your child(ren) capitalize on their own unique form of intelligence and skill?

Are you aware of dysfunction in your family of origin (or in the family of origin of your partner or co-parent), and wish not to repeat it in your family of creation?

Do your own parents or siblings still have what still feels like a negative impact or hold on your life?

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The Family Dynamics Package is the study of the ever-developing map of your ancestral and current familial terrain, leading you through uncharted territories, and opening you up to the real possibility of an emotionally healthy family.

Guided by astrologer and life coach Natha Perkins Campanella (hi there!), you’re invited to dedicate twelve weeks to the profound shifts and changes possible in your life and in the life of your family.

This mentorship will explore in great detail the most important people in your family. You choose who those people are. We will look with honesty and compassion at the limitations and gifts of the people you choose (including your parents and siblings, or your partner and children) and we will examine the ways in which everyone in the system interacts with one another.

Part personalized astrology class, part intuitive guidance, with plenty of wisdom from the astrological natal charts of everyone involved. The Family Dynamics Mentorship will be shaped by your desires and goals for your thriving family.


During our 12 weeks together, we will:

-share 6 bi-monthly 75 minute sessions via Zoom video conferencing to create the consistent container required to enact lasting change.

-delve into family patterns, inherited karma and pain cycles

-learn how everyone in the family self-soothes and regulates, and devise new and easy ways to shift, support or heal those coping mechanisms

-identify ways to parent your child(ren) in ways that nurture both of you (if this is a family of creation focus)

-Determine ways to exist more peacefully within the family that you came from (if this is a family of origin focus)

-seek to understand the unique personalities characteristics each and every family member brings to the group

-locate the special lessons all of you came in to teach, and learn from one another

“ As the saying goes, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. I believe that the relationships in both family types can be inter-related. Having a deeper understanding of patterns in your Family of Origin can greatly inform current patterning in your Family of Creation. Working with Natha has given me visibility and healing into how I approach interacting with my FoO and parenting in my FoC. Understanding my FoC, their needs, their strengths (and weaknesses) has helped me to deeply heal a lifetime of wounding. In that healing, I am able to continuously up-level my compassion for others, my parenting and how I support my relationship with my husband.” - Sydney, marketing tech consultant

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The Family Dynamics Mentorship Package is for you if:

 -want to use the wisdom of the astrology archetypes as a gateway into understanding the soul and life paths of yourself and those you love

-are ready to truly understand the underlying dynamics happening within your family

-you are ready and willing to show up and do the work. This may require outside reading or listening and life style changes around movement and nourishment

-you are excited to learn how to mentor your child(ren) instead of just manage them

-want to learn how to effectively co-parent 

-you want to parent your children differently than you were parented

-you’re ready to embrace parenting and/or having parents, as a spiritual path 

-you want to exist with more contentment within the family who raised you

“My daughter is three and we’ve been struggling with big tempers and crying fits. Our readings helped us to understand what’s really happening when she acts out like this (astrology is so cool!), and Natha gave us useful advice for how to handle it when things got rough. The small changes we’ve made have been been working really well!” -Lisa, sales and marketing

This Mentorship is not for you if:

 -you’re looking for a parenting class. While we will devise many ways to connect with your child and create consistency and security, we will not be introducing dogmatic or one-size-fits-all techniques

-you’re unwilling or unable to shift out of a dictatorial parenting style and into one where you and your child have a partnership.

-you feel powerless to change your thoughts, beliefs and ideas about the people in your family of origin or creation.

“Thank you Natha, I feel a huge sense of relief after looking at my mom and brothers charts. I’ve always taken everything they’ve done SO personally and these readings have made me realize that they are who they are and that (even though I don’t necessarily like it), I can relax and live my life, caring a little bit less about what they think.”- Jennifer, property manager


This mentorship is open by application only, and the exchange for the full program is $1,500. Payment plans are available: two payments of $750 or, 4 payments of $375

If you feel called to explore yourself and your family dynamics while being deeply held, seen and supported by both me, and the wisdom of the astrological archetypes, I invite you to contact me for an application.