Intuitive Guidance Sessions

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Are you uncomfortable in your body?

Are you aware of how the energy of others impacts you?

Do you want to process your life experiences but don’t have anyone you can open up to?

Do you struggle with knowing how and when to say no?

Have you ever wondered if you’re co-dependent or have co-dependent relationships?

Do you have a cruel and critical inner critic?

Is there trauma in your past that’s asking to be acknowledged and validated?

Do you have emotions (like anger, grief or fear) that you wish you understood better, or had the courage to express?

“Feeling your unconditional presence was absolutely amazing and healing. I feel lucky to have experienced that with you. I already feel so much lighter and my stomach feels more settled than it has in years. I'm sure I will notice more changes in the following days and weeks. Like you said, I will wait to fully process what we did, but l look forward to working with you again. I think that these changes would not have been reachable without your help and guidance to look inward, and reminders and techniques to stay present! Thank you!” Amanda, Handbag Designer Maryland

In each session we will seek the connection between your body and your mind. Our physical bodies hold an instinctive intelligence that when examined, helps us become conscious of the workings of our psychology. 

We will call on the knowledge of astrology, traditional coaching and intuitive guidance. We will integrate elements from the Completion Process and incorporate some energy healing as well. We will piece together a map that will help you understand where you’ve been, and where you’re going. 

These sessions will build upon your needs and goals and may address your physical, emotional and spiritual states with insight into underlying dynamics, and suggestions for further action. 

You will be asked to be open and honest with yourself, and willing to see the truth of your situation. We will speak frankly and heart to heart. There may be some cursing and some crying and there will definitely be some laughing. I will ask you questions meant to help you find your own truth and self-knowledge. 

My style is soft yet straightforward, and you will feel held, seen and safe. 

*This work requires a minimum of 3 sessions in in order to provide the consistent container necessary to support you. Investment $420

I am not a doctor, a therapist, or a licensed counselor. I’m a certified life coach and a well-studied professional astrologer. I’ve been on my own healing journey for 25 years and I tend to attract clients who are looking to heal the same issues I’ve sought to understand and remedy in myself. I’ve consulted with hundreds of clients, giving me real-life, in the field experience, both personally and professionally. This work is a lovely compliment to traditional therapy and any other ways in which you are currently supporting your mental health.