Personal Growth Reading

Your astrology reading begins before our scheduled session. I spend time researching your chart, taking extensive notes about planetary placements and their meanings, and creating customized transit diagrams. In other words, I get to know you through the presentation of your chart, long before we meet face to face.


During your reading we can discuss:

-how people see and perceive you

-how you relate to the world emotionally and underlying causes of anxiety, depression etc.

-the ways in which your psychic sensitivities present themselves

-what your childhood experience was like

-career changes or questions, or the characteristics of a career in which you would thrive

-intimate partnership questions, or who you should partner with and why

-your unconscious behavior patterns, stories and triggers

-what you need in order to feel more vital, creative, juicy and vibrant

-questions about how best to plan for the future, places to move, event dates etc.

-and more


This reading is about you, and you will be direct the focus. Upon booking, you’ll receive a questionnaire, inquiring into what you would like to focus on during the reading. I encourage you to share with me a brief overview of significant happenings in your life, before our session. Of course, we aren’t just limited to the things you mention in your questionnaire. This is a dynamic reading in which I will be asking you for questions, input, and self-reflection.

(We’ll also look at current and upcoming yearly transits for information about soul lessons, opportunities for growth, and the timing of it all.)

This is a wonderful first-ever-astrology reading, or one-of-many astrology readings. There is always fresh wisdom to be found in your natal chart, so feel free to schedule this type of reading whenever you need guidance, objectivity or input.

After our time together, you’ll receive a folder via Dropbox, containing a recording of the reading (video and audio), copies of every chart and diagram we discuss during the reading, a comprehensive Key to Astrology and a Transit Explanation Diagram.

This is a 75 minute reading via Zoom Video Conference (where we meet face to face), from the comfort of your own home. Investment is $190

I have had many astrology readings in my past and Natha is as good as it gets. I found the reading very informative and loved how she presented the reading on my screen so I could see everything going on. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and whats going on in your life.
— Allison L. Yoga Teacher