Living out long lives in which we never change, reenacting tired patterns of expectation and disappointment, and spend years nursing resentments are over. The world is speeding up, time is accelerating, and there’s a collective call to learn and explore ourselves on a deeper level… can you hear it?

The benefits of doing astrological work with me

-Childhood conditioning- Even if growing up in your family of origin was good enough, years 0-8 are the most impactful ones of our lives in terms of our emotional development. Astrology can help you understand how your nervous system registered and absorbed the things that happened (and how they’re still affecting you today).

-Emotional intelligence comes in different forms, we each have our own intricate set of emotional needs and style of relating to the world through our lens of compassion, empathy and memories. Astrology helps you understand and identify your unconscious emotional needs. Knowing these needs helps strengthen your emotional intelligence, and makes it easier to connect with your family, your partners, your coworkers, and yourself.

-Developing strong personal boundaries means that we learn to tune into ourselves to decide when our answer is a no and when it’s a yes. If you struggle with feeling guilty when you say no, and resentful when you say yes, astrology can help you understand why it’s uncomfortable to assert boundaries. Your chart holds direct (and personalized) guidance for you around how to honor your boundaries, and stop feeling overwhelmed and taken advantage of.

-The Inner critic is a tremendous influence in our lives, and often, its messaging is so subtle that we don’t realize how pervasive it is, even though we feel it. The chronic inner judgement causes us to feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, confused and frozen. Because it operates largely behind the scenes, we don’t even realize what’s happening. Astrology can help identify the particular flavor and style of your inner critic and can show us how and why it developed. Once we know, we can begin to work to calm its fears and relax it into a more manageable part of your psyche (yes, this is possible!).

Astrology can also be a very effective tool in helping you plan for the future; make decisions, plot general timelines, get a sense of what to expect during upcoming periods of growth, healing, change, and more.

In our work together, you choose the focus, and we can touch on any of the above and more. You will leave with intuitive guidance regarding how to shift and solve those things, using the wisdom of astrology.

My reading style

-I have heard it all, really. Very little shocks me and therefore you’ll find me to be easy to open up to, compassionate, and not the least bit judgmental (and our readings are always completely confidential)

-I don’t predict specific future events with any claim of certainty (I have no actual idea when you’ll meet the love of your life for example, and your chart can’t determine that either)

-I stay away from pigeon-holing (just because you have a Virgo Sun, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re super organized)

-I don’t interpret doom and gloom, or anything that will make you fear the future (our own internal anxiety is usually busy enough doing that)

-I am real and honest about what I see (I rarely find comfort in idealistic fluff, or spiritual-bypassing kind of advice, so why would I expect you to?)

It doesn't matter where you live in the world, I offer one-on-one sessions, via Zoom Video Conference.

Reading Types

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Are you interested in taking your personal development to the next level?

Learn how to use the wisdom of astrology as a tool kit for mental health. Cultivate better relationships with those you love, make decisions that are in alignment with what you want, and begin to finally understand what your needs are (and how to meet them!).

Please note: If you are unable to find an appointment time that works with your schedule, please email and let us know the times and days that work the best for you. We will respond and set up an appointment in that way.  

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