Soul Secrets Mentorship

Learn how to use the wisdom of astrology as a long-term, transformational tool kit to support your emotional health. Cultivate better relationships with your partners, friends and family, more easily make decisions that are in alignment with what you want, and begin to finally, truly, love and understand yourself.

Do you find yourself enacting exhausting patterns of expectation and disappointment? You hope if only you’re nice enough, drop the right kinds of hints, or hate something enough, that things will miraculously change?

Do you feel like it’s too hard to assert your needs much less find the stamina to insist that people meet them? Are you worried that if you create better boundaries by telling people no, that they’ll be mad at you, dislike you, or otherwise punish you?

Is all of your hard work getting overlooked, making you feel irrelevant? Are you dedicated and dependable, and feel like people take advantage of your faithful commitment or don’t even appreciate all you do for them?

Does your brain mix up story and reality, creating confusion about what’s really happening? Do you feel strongly about something one day, and change your mind the next? Do you feel like it’s next to impossible to make decisions or even decide how you really feel about something?

Are you ready to begin talking to your body, and using your natural intuition to help inform your decisions? Do you ever feel like a big floating head with a crazy-busy mind and no body at all? Do you have chronic aches, pains and physical discomforts that you suspect may have underlying emotional connections but you aren’t sure what they are?

Are you willing to be honest about the impact of your conditioning on the life you’re living today? Was it difficult to grow up in your household? Do you feel a deep sense of loyalty to your parents and at the same time, know that there were some things that happened that you’d like to process and understand better?

Can you dedicate yourself to understanding the role that your fears play in keeping you stagnant and unhappy? Are you aware of the connection between your inner critic and feelings of “not-enough-ness” but you don’t know how to escape it? Are you ready to feel more relaxed and content in life but feel frozen around how to actually create those things?

Do you want to know what your purpose is and what you need to thrive? Are you pretty sure you’re supposed to be doing something bigger and more impactful with your life, but you have no idea what it is? Do you wish you knew what your skills and talents were so you could be doing more things that you love?

Are you pretty sure you’re an empath but don’t know that to do with your sensitivities? Do you get overwhelmed with the wants, needs and moods of other people? Do you wish you had a thicker skin, or didn’t feel so deeply?

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The Soul Secrets Mentorship is the sacred container for your soul and personal growth, opening you up to the possibility of freedom and deep connection in your own life. 

Guided by astrologer and life coach Natha Perkins Campanella (that’s me!), you are invited to dedicate yourself to the profound shifts and changes possible in your life.

This mentorship will explore who you are, what you need, and who you came here to be. Part personalized astrology class, part intuitive guidance journey (big huge part, actually!), the Secret-Soul mentorship will be shaped by your desires, goals and the wisdom of your astrological natal chart.

During our sessions together we will:

-Share 12 private sessions via Zoom video conferencing, to create the consistent container required to enact lasting change

-Explore the gifts and burdens of the 12 primary astrological archetypes, investigating how they emerge and develop in your life and history. Each session will involve a deep exploration into how a single planet/house/sign trilogy impacts and shapes you, including how to work with the benefits and the burdens of each trilogy, using all of it to your lasting advantage.

-Examine the stories (outdated opinions, perspectives, old memories) and conditioning (inner critic activity, the voices and opinions of parents, peers and culture) that are keeping you limited and unhappy, and are stopping you from stepping into your personal power and expression.

-Identify your current coping strategies under stress, and explore how you developed them in the first place. We’ll also look at your stress management strengths and fortify them, so you see more clearly what’s happening, and how to manage it.

-Develop energetic hygiene skills. Learn how to establish secure, dependable boundaries, learn to easily detach from (and not feel responsible for) the ways in which other people feel.

-Find a deeper relationship to your physical body, and the innate resources available to you within it. Learn to talk with your body, determine what it needs from you, and use it as a precise intuition tool.

“Natha is nothing short of amazing!  She is educated, professional, responsive, and kind.  Her knowledge of astrological information and importance is, without doubt, thorough and insightful.  The science behind why we are the exact way we are is brought beautifully and patiently to the foreground because of Natha's talent and gifts.”  Karla, Certified Arborist

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The mentorship includes 12 60-minute sessions (you choose the timeline), customized action plans, recorded teachings and more!


The Soul Secrets Mentorship is for you if:

 -You want to learn to use astrology as a tool to deeply care for yourself, and help you shift habits that are causing you pain and making you feel bored, stuck, or unable to effect change.

-You want your relationships (intimate and otherwise) to feel relaxing and supportive (and exciting!)

-You’re ready to show up and do some of the emotional work that you know will lead you into liking yourself and your life more.

-You want to understand the family and societal conditioning that makes you feel like it’s not okay to be you.

-You know that the more you understand yourself, honor your boundaries and move toward your life purpose, the better you’ll be able to understand the people in your life.

“Natha has a calm, confident presence that empowers you to honor and embrace the different parts of self. Her overall demeanor creates a safe, spacious atmosphere that feels very genuine. Natha listens intently and offers plenty of time to digest and process all the juicy bits of each reading” -Yasi, Graduate Student in Social Work

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This mentorship is not for you if:

-  You’re looking for an astrology class in order to learn only the basic mechanics of astrology.

- You want to do the emotional work required, but you know that you probably won’t. I can guide and facilitate and share and teach, but your changes won’t be as profound if you aren’t reinforcing what you learn, outside of our sessions.

- You’re only comfortable seeing your history through rose colored glasses. This work requires that you consent to look with honesty, to see the truth of your past and present situations. If that simply feels like it may be too difficult for you, this mentorship won’t be a good fit. 

“In the short time since my first reading, I've shifted focus a bit, reprioritized & begun to capitalize on previously neglected strengths - I already find myself more enthusiastic & hopeful about my future, now brightly lit with confidence in my self, my path, that I previously lacked.” -Audra, professional photographer


The mentorship program is $2000. Payment plans are available: two payments of $1,000, or 4 payments of $500.

If you’re excited to explore yourself through the archetypes of astrology and ready to be seen and held in all of your vulnerability, wounding, fullness and possibility, I invite you to contact me for an application