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You won't find trite Sun Signs or bland horoscopes here.

This is the kind of astrology the pulls you in, seducing you with its accuracy and leaving you wanting more, more, more. Join me as I weave elements  of the enormous map we call astrology, into fascinating conversations with compelling and potent people.  I won’t be reading their charts for all to hear, but rather choosing a powerful planet or an astrological component in the chart of my guests, that I believe to be an influential piece of their story and using it to help paint a captivating picture of who they are and why they're here. 

Come to listen to their stories and leave with relatable astrological knowledge, and insights into your own inner workings. 

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Episode 23: A Tapestry of Queer Experience with Pallas Athena

How do you jump into the perspective of someone and make it believable?

According to author Claire Rudy Foster, the key lies in an ability to listen. There are subtle and unrefined truths of experience that drip into our conversations with others but a keen ear is needed to pick up on the what those truths really are. Foster can hear them.

In his new book Shine of the Ever, Foster melds his own experiences with gender fluidity with the stories and deep truths of other queer folx, infuses them with magic, and alchemizes them into a rich mélange of human experience. As Foster says, “We all have such nuanced perspectives, and I wanted to show that”.

The asteroid Pallas Athena makes an appearance, as does Pisces and Scorpio in one of my most favorite interviews yet!

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Interlude Press

 Things we mentioned

Demetra George Asteroid Goddesses

Becoming Dangerous Essay Collection

Episode 22: Releasing Limiting Beliefs with Libra and Pisces

With a background in accounting and finance, Bill Gee knew all about expectations.

Money and numbers are pretty straightforward after all. As he developed more self-awareness and began to appreciate his psychic sensitivities, he realized that calculating money made sense- but basing his actions on the projected reactions of his family and loved ones didn’t. And so, he embarked on a journey of learning how to live outside of the expectations of others so that he could experience a more satisfying life.

 As a certified SRT consultant, speaker and author, Bill uses helps others identify their own limiting beliefs, and move past them. It wouldn’t be a conversation about expectations and sensitivity without a little Libra and Pisces thrown in.

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Episode 21: Allowing the Messiness, with Pluto

Is it possible to totally heal ourselves of our trauma?

There isn’t’ really an answer to that. What we do know (whether we’ve learned it from an expert or whether we’ve experienced it ourselves) is that our bodies house and hold the impact of our trauma, long after the actual incident has passed. So how do we heal that? Can we?

 My guest Asher Pandjiris is a NYC based psychotherapist, doesn’t presume to have the answer to that question, but certainly has a wealth of wisdom and insight to share on the topic. Listen is as we discuss the messy offerings that our bodies bring us, most especially as it relates to trauma, illness, presence, and embodiment.

 Pluto shows up in the conversation along with a handful of astrological teachings to lend knowledge on the subject.

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Things we mentioned:

The World is Unknown, Carolyn Lizzard

Tara Brach

Episode 20: Intuition, Empathy and Alcohol, with Neptune

How much influence does a planet really have in our chart?

Well, a lot. Each planet represents a complex human archetype. We’re all unique, but it can’t be denied that we all desire and struggle, rejoice and love. This is human nature, and astrology gives language and context to all of it.

Neptune shows up strongly in my personal natal chart and for my first solo-cast since episode 1, I thought I’d talk about it because I'm now offering private mentorship where we delve into each planet in yourchart and explore the potential pitfalls and the gifts of each, as they apply to you.

Neptune is a planet of spiritual connection and imagination, but also describes where we lose our agency, where we get depleted, confused, and ultimately how we come back into connection with all of the magical, mystical things that are greater than ourselves.

Things I mentioned:

Steven Forest

Melody Scott Zindell

The Unruffled Podcast

Grey Area Drinking

Soul Secrets Mentorship

Episode 19: Changing Directions; with Sagittarius

Teachers don’t know everything. Not the good ones anyway.

My guest Kat Fowler is a teacher of many things including yoga and meditation, but is beginning to see that the very things that once excited her enough to dedicate her life to teaching, are shifting and changing. 

She’s becoming aware of a very strong calling to expand her teachings. She explains in our interview what that means. Like any teacher worth their salt, Kat has had to step right out of her comfort zone.

She has been once again called to become the student in order to pursue the next incantation of what she feels she’s meant to teach. 

It wouldn’t be a conversation about teaching and learning if Sagittarius didn’t come into the picture. We also talk about Libra.

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Episode 18: Awareness is the Key to Freedom, with Ceres and Taurus

What does physical health mean to you?

 My guest Zach Moyer is a health coach, but he sees physical health as so much more just physical. He describes our bodies as highly individualized systems that require not just healthy food and exercise, but an intimate attention to our thoughts and emotions.

 It wouldn’t be a conversation about the body without a little bit of Taurus and Ceres thrown in, and we talk about how bringing mindfulness into what’s happening in our actual physical bodies, helps cultivate consciousness around what we thinkabout our bodies, our health, and our self-value.

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Episode 17: Is it Mine? Or is it Theirs? With the 4th House and the Moon

Raven Rose acts as a guide between the body and the soul.

She teaches women how to heal the womb from the wounding and heavy energies we’ve taken on in this lifetime. We're talking about the traumas that have actually been passed down through our DNA through the female line.

So much of our personal health is connected to the experiences of our mothers, their mothers, and all of the grandmothers that came before us. It takes sensitivity, spiritual connection, community and ritual to unravel what is ours, and what is theirs, but we can enlist their help. In fact, doing so can be a necessary and empowering step toward awakening to who we are.

This episode is not just for people that have a uterus by the way, understanding our ancestral trauma and remedying ourselves of the pain passed down through our family line is relevant to every human, regardless of how we identify.

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Episode 16: Relinquishing Control, in Exchange for Structure, with Pluto

Sometimes seeking a deeper understanding of ourselves leads to more struggle or strife. In fact, it usually does. 

But questioning, doubting, wondering and judging, (while not super satisfying), are really the very touchstones we must work with in order to self explore. 

My guest Andrea Catherine is hooked on personal growth. She loves to navigate the murkiness of her emotional and physical experience, and help her clients do the same. 

Of course, this is a conversation that has to involve Pluto right? And Pluto indeed shows up in this conversation all about anchoring, centering and balancing... in the midst of being totally uncomfortable with uncertainty. 

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Pema Chodron

Episode 15: A Playful Approach to The Spiritual Awakening

Are you happy? Do you know what makes you happy?

My guest Ellen Atkins was busy living her life (and it was a good life), when she began to question it. She came to understand that while she had achieved success, she didn't know what actually made her come alive, or what truly brought her happiness. 

Fast forward, and she's made it her mission to discover the very things that light up her heart. This is no small order of course, but in seeking out that which makes her love and laugh, she's cultivated incredible wisdom about it all, and is helping others find the same for themselves.  We also bring in Saturn, Virgo, the Moon and Sagittarius in this delightful episode!

Things we mentioned:

Kundalini Yoga

Satcha Malas

Guru Jarat

Immense Grace

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Suburban Monk


Episode 14: Too hard? Too soft? Or just right?…with Aries and Pisces

Is it possible to be "assertive in a likeable way"?

In a culture where tone policing is normal and we’re relentlessly taught as children to “be nice” but not taught how to hold our boundaries, any inclinations to be assertive often dissolve into being pleasant instead, and we end up doing things we would rather not do.

Lea Morgan is a psychic medium who finds that her clients tend to struggle with boundaries in the same ways she did (and still does). We bring Aries and Pisces into the conversation as we discuss an imbalance that many of work with: being nice vs being clear. 

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Episode 13: Out With the Old, In With the True… with Chiron

What’s this “restoring ourselves to wholeness” thing everyone’s always talking about?

Is it possible to truly become whole or will we always feel emptiness where the little pieces of our souls have splintered off along the way?

 Raven Mardirosian has some wisdom to share about the pieces we've lost. She’s been on a lifelong mission to recover the parts of herself that were left behind and discover the pieces she never even knew were there in the first place.

Home and belonging, secrets and betrayals, and the fear of truly seeing ourselves… Raven shares a little bit about all of that.

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Episode 12: Learning to Stay Grounded, with Gemini

You know what the sign Gemini is good at? Creative thinking and problem solving.

My guest Scott Hall is skilled in creativity of all kinds. As an artist and musician, he translates random streams of information- ideas, inspiration, theories, notions etc. into art that looks and sounds beautiful.

As a Psychic Medium, he does the same, except he translates messages that arrive in varying forms from spirits guides, and creatively translates them into beautiful information meant to help enlighten and heal his human clients.

 Scott is a multi-talented puzzle solver, and he’s so very Gemini.

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Center for Love and Light

Janet Raftis 

Episode 11: When Conformity Becomes Exhausting, with the planet Uranus

What happens when we have a natural drive to rebel, but the freedom that we seek doesn't come easily?

Will we find ourselves in a constant state of working for our liberation, or will we allow ourselves to bury our restlessness and douse our need to innovate?

My guest Africa Brooke has chosen the former. She's a true powerhouse, tackling subjects like sexual pleasure, self-development and sobriety. With a strong Uranus influence in her chart, blazing these trails hasn't been simple, but her desire to see change is too strong, and she has no intentions of slowing down. 

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Alternative Ways to say No Document 

Episode 10: Yearning to be Honest with Mercury

If sex and religion have ever collided in your life, you may still have the scars to show for it. 

Spirituality and sexuality are 2 major topics to unravel on their own, but put them together and things get very confusing. While some people feel empowered freedom with their sexuality, most of us can relate to subtle feelings of shame that arise (and can likely be traced back to organized religious beliefs passed down the family line). We may spend our lives trying to heal these feelings, by getting honest, and learning to talk about them.

Jenn Best is a Spiritual Intimacy Teacher and Intuitive Coach and she shares with us some stories of how she's come to terms with her own healing and gives us plenty of wisdom to help us unravel our own feelings around all of the above. 

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Jenn Mentioned

Chris Ann Donnely

Becca Lee Berggren

Episode 9: How Are you Supposed to Heal the Things You Can't Even See? With Ceres

Have you ever healed an emotional issue, only to have another version of pain show up in its place?

We tend to compartmentalize the different facets of our lives but they're all interconnected. Our physical symptoms are connected to our relationship dynamics are connected to the parenting tools our caretakers used with us etc. 

Disentangling all of it can be really confusing as you'd imagine! Dr. Doug and Elicia Miller bring a unique blend of therapeutic modalities to that process and they share some of it with us.

Find Doug and Elicia

Core Emotional Healing Website

Dr. Doug Website

Elicia Website

Elicia instagram@eliciamiller1

Core Emotional Healing instagram@coreemotionalhealing

Core Emotional Healing Self-Study Program

Plus: Free Gift: Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift, The Emotional Root Cause + Top 3 Blocks to Healing 

Things we mentioned 

The Intimacy Hour Radio Show

Janet Raftis website


Gestalt Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Episode 8: Making ourselves heard, with Mercury in Scorpio

Some of us spend years learning how to say what we think, while others speak uncomfortable truths freely, right from the beginning. 

Neither version is particularly easy.

My guest Alexis P. Morgan is the latter and she allows us to live vicariously while she generously shares some of her journey in regards to soul-speaking and truth-telling.

As you would probably guess, it requires quite a bit of self care and support along the way, but it's worth it.

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Helpful Links:

Octavia Butler

James Baldwin


Episode 7: The courage to let yourself be "seen", with Sagittarius and Scorpio

So many of us get the message growing up that we're either too much, or not enough.

We then carry that messaging right into our adult lives where it becomes downright suffocating. 

In this episode, Natalie and I discuss our personal experiences with feeling either too big and loud, or too small and ineffectual. Natalie shares some amazing wisdom on overriding those messages and giving ourselves permission to embrace whoever the hell we are.

It's a life practice, and it never ends, but that means we have plenty of time to work it all out. 

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Episode 6: The Totally Subjective Measurements of Success and Failure with the 10th House

Is it possible to actually make money as a metaphysical entrepreneur? 

There are so many healers and empaths who want to use their intuitive skills to make an income, but a clear connection to the divine doesn't usually come with business training.

In this episode, Sarah and I discuss the push and pull inherent in creating a successful metaphysical business. Can I be a compassionate healer of suffering, and also master financial success? How can I hold space for others when I still feel like a hot mess? Am I even any good at this? Should I just go get a real job?

Sound familiar? You're going to love this episode.

To Find Sarah:

So You Wanna be a Witch Podcast




 Episode 5: Making Order out of Chaos with Virgo

Who doesn't have some underlying anxiety threaded throughout their day-to-day life? Most of us set our own personal bar really high and while our perfectionisms can show up in a multitude of unique ways, boy do they show up, especially when we're stressed out.

Tammi and I talk about the process of really getting to know our anxiety instead of trying to avoid it or distract ourselves from it. She uses real life examples of her Virgo perfectionism in action, and also shares some of the practical things she's doing that help her to heal and relax.

Things we talked about in the show (I think I got them all!):

 Marlee Grace

Catherine Price: How to Break up With Your Phone

Elizabeth Gilbert

Holly Whitaker Hip Sobriety

Sarah Wilson: First We Make The Beast Beautiful

Teal Swan


Mark Manson

Amanda grace

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The Unruffled Podcast


Episode 4- Re-mothering ourselves with awareness vs reaction (with the help of Ceres and the Moon)

Mother. That's a loaded word isn't it? 

Rebecca Caridad shares what it's like to be a mother on a journey of self-awareness. It sounds great doesn't it? Well, it is. And it's hard.

If you've done any work analyzing your relationship with your own mother, you know that even in the best of worlds, the relationship can be both tricky and full of fertile information on how to better mother yourself.

Everyone of us, regardless of gender, could stand to learn how to do that. Listen in for some tips and guidance on how to pull that off.

Helpful Links

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 Episode 3- Cultivating Sexual Intelligence, with the help of Venus

What's your relationship with your own sexuality like? How has it altered and changed over the years? Does it feel better now than ever? Or do you wish things felt different?

Sondra Primeaux opens up about how fundamentalist religion, sobriety and just good old fashioned life experience have all contributed to  reshaping the way she approaches love these days.

Venus has been a major player in her chart, and we discuss what that means, and how she's partnered with Venus (without even realizing it) to fulfill some major destiny.

Helpful Links:

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The Unruffled Podcast


Episode 2- If you've ever felt like you're a balloon in a world full of porcupines, you'll like this episode with the North and South Nodes

My guest Janet Raftis, an energy healer and psychic medium shares about what it was like for her as a highly sensitive child who learned first how to numb with perfectionism and approval, and then with drugs and alcohol. As we would expect, those things ended up leading her into a profound transformation of self. She is now teaching other people how to recognize and use their own sensitivities in powerful ways. 


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Episode 1- The Maiden Voyage. Find out what the podcast is all about and learn (just a little something) about Natha and Pluto

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