Wisdom Bundle, 3 session package

You’ve been alive and living on this planet for years, it’s going to take more than 75 minutes for you to get to know yourself. In order to get a true feel for who you are, and what you came into this particular life to do, I suggest a three-session package.

Session 1: Who are you? This initial session will include an in-depth analysis of the standout factors in your Natal Chart. We’ll correlate natal planet placements with the way you experience emotions, relationships and childhood experiences. You’ll leave this session with a deeper understanding of your history and how it’s helped turn you into the person you are today.

Session 2: What are you supposed to be doing?  In this session, we’ll look in depth at both career and soul mission markers in your chart to see how look they’ve played out in your life so far, and what steps you can take to create success. You’ll leave this reading with concrete information about how to find a career you love and be more in alignment with (and know how to move toward), your souls purpose.

Session 3: What do you need in relationship? In this session, we’ll look at the relationship markers in your chart and use them to help interpret any repeating dynamics in the current (or past) relationships in your life. This includes romantic partnership as well as relationships with your family. We’ll look at how you show up in these relationships, including some of your strengths and blind spots. You’ll leave this reading with insight into who your most compatible partners and lovers would be, how to make the best of the relationships you already have, and how to release yourself from old patterns that no longer serve you.

These readings are each 75 minutes, via Zoom Video Conference unless otherwise arranged.  You will receive a packet via dropbox after each reading, that will contain the reading recording and copies of every chart and diagram we discuss during the reading. Investment is $520

I’ve had many astrology readings + Natha is the best! She has a unique way of saying things that got to the heart of major issues in my life + gave me validation, reflection + a unique understanding of things that shifted my perspective immediately! I will go back again for more- she knows her stuff + is a great teacher!
— Rachel H. Longmont Colorado