Hey there, I’m Natha. 

I have a bio with a concise list of all of the many hats I wear, but it doesn’t tell much of a story. You can read that down below if you want. Sure, I’m a writer and an astrologer, but what does that tell you about me? How does that help you know if you want to work with me?

My work centers around exploring the truth. I’ve come to understand that until I was willing to examine and share my own truth, my clients probably wouldn’t be all that willing to examine or share theirs.  And so, I had to begin to shift, and it’s not been easy.

My Capricorn Rising tells me to be quiet. It tells me that in order to be successful, I must stand behind the wall, with rigid and guarded posture, waiting until I sense that things are safe. 

But that could take forever. 

My Gemini Signature Sign tells me to keep things light and superficial. It says that diving into the deep waters of my own psychology should be avoided and that in order to stay interesting, I should just chatter away and tell people what they want to hear.

But that doesn’t feel right.

And so, I practice dipping my toes into the waters of self-exposure and trusting that as I open myself, as I allow myself to soften and become real, that my clients will be willing to open themselves as well.


Fun facts about Me: 

-I have a Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon and Capricorn Rising

-I’m an Enneagram 4 

-I’m an INFP or INFJ depending on which day I take the test

-My primary love language is “Acts of Service”

-I’ve been sober and delighted about it, since 2016

The "Official" Bio

Natha Perkins Campanella is a professional writer, a mother, a teacher, an astrologer and an Intuitive Guide.

 Formerly of Luscious Metals Studios, Natha started and ran a successful business as an artist, metal smith and jewelry designer. Her jewelry was featured in publications such as Health Magazine, Parenting Magazine and Cosmo. While she loved the creative process of working with metal and stones, she closed shop and pursue another lifelong passion: helping people find emotional relief. 

Natha is an Astrologer and a Certified Master Life Coach. She uses a unique blend of modalities in her approach, with an emphasis on traditional coaching and astrology, she often supplements with knowledge from The Enneagram.   

In her spare time, Natha writes about her personal experiences as an imperfect mother, a curious woman and the ubiquitous spiritual journey. She's been featured in many publications such as Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal, and ManifestStation



300 hour Intensive Apprenticeship with Master Astrologer, Jamie Kahl Miller

Staff Astrologer at Pandora Astrology

Certified Master Life Coach

Certified Completion Process Practitioner (Developed by Teal Swan)

Certified Theta Energy Practitioner (Developed by Vianna Stibal)

Metro State University of Denver, Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design

Georgia Perimeter College, Sociology